In March, 2016, the Arizona School Administrators monthly newsletter featured our book, They Call Him Grumpa! We are proud! Thanks, ASA.


> I purchased your book for my Father-in-law, as I am expecting my first child (his first grandchild), and he is unsure what he would like his grandchild to call him. Not only does the character fit his persona, but also bears a striking resemblance. We love the book, and he does as well, and it may aid in his acceptance of the now a little more endearing "Grumpa" name. 

> I personally want to thank you for signing the book. That made it all the more special to us. Please pass along my words to Terri as well. 

> Thanks, 
> Vincent


"Grammy Likes Me Best is a sweet, hilarious little book. Along with its companion volume, They Call Him Grumpa, the writers show us a kind, loving family who all have a great time with each other. Having young grandchildren myself, I aspire to be as good a grandparent as these two wonderful characters!"

          -Chris Runco, Theme Park Designer

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